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We are an innovative and result-oriented digital agency in Stockholm with a clear vision. Based on the needs of our customers, we create digital solutions. We achieve this by providing the necessary expertise and experience, while allowing our customers to be involved during the work throughout the project to achieve the best results. For us, it is important to work close to our customers, big and small, we  want to get to know our customer and know what their vision and reality look like, we think that is one of the keys to success. The projects we run can look very different. It can be anything from a focused effort to refining an internal process to launching a new brand with a new Website, Apps, Graphic Profile to Logotype and more.

By working long-term with our customers, we can build long-term relationships and at the same time become better and better at executing the projects we undertake. Our goal is to become the best option for our customers. Please take a look at the previous assignments we present here on the website. There you can get both inspiration and ideas, but also good references from the companies we work with today.


Meias Safa

Founder & CEO

Cem Budak

key account manager

Alee Safa


Glim Södermark

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